4th session



CLIL: Definition and Advantages


Integrated Curriculum Design

Designing languages integrated tasks

Shopping list of strategies to be used in CLIL



Ejemplos de Secuencias Didácticas de Currículum integrado sobre el "Día de Europa"

For Pre-Primary

For Primary Education

For Secondary Education


Secuencias Didácticas CIL


Proyectos interdisciplinares

Didactic Sequence "World Environment Day"   (Physics and Chemistry, English and Arts. 2 ESO)

Didactic Sequence "International Women Day" (English, P.E. and Philosophy 1 Bachillerato)


Didactic Units on Halloween (English, P.E. History, Philosophy, Arts, Physics and Chemistry)  Lab video

Interdisciplinary projects IES Ángel de Saavedra

Fridays for future Saavedra  (Environment interdisciplinary project)


TASK: Elaborating an Integrated Sequence

Proposal 1 (ALs)

Proposal 2 (ANLs & ALs)

Selection of texts/activites on European Day of Languages

Curricula for ESO and Bachillerato (Pg. 256 English. Pg. 197 Castilian Spanish)


Syllabus IES ´Angel de Saavedra



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