Research work: Video-based Task

Read the Guide on PLC and watch the video and find out what PLC is, what subjects/teachers it involves and what its main objective is.


Guide: Guia para la elaboración y puesta en marcha del PLC (OAPEE)


PLC Junta de Andalucía  (Promotional video on PLC Junta de Andalucía)



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       CLIL Essentials


Otras publicaciones sobre CLIL

 CLIL; Content and Language Integrated Language (Do Coyle, Philip Hood and David Marsh)

Uncovering CLIL (Peter Mehisto, David Marsj, Mª Jesús Frigols)

Teachers’ Concerns and Uncertainties about the Introduction of CLIL Programmes (Víctor Pavón and Fernando Rubio) Artículo in Porta Linguarum

Coexistence of mother tongue and foreign language in CLIL contexts (Víctor Pavón y Carmen Méndez) (International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism).

It is CLIL (Teresa Gerdes and Víctor Pavón)

Las lenguas extranjeras como vehículo de comunicación intercultural (MEC)

Todo lo que siempre quiso saber sobre AICLE y nunca se atrevió a preguntar (Víctor Pavón)

Visible learning (John Hattie)

European Framework for CLIL Teacher Education: A framework for the professional development of CLIL teachers   © David Marsh, Peeter Mehisto, Dieter Wolff, María Jesús Frigols Martín


THE CLIL TEACHER’S COMPETENCES GRID Pat Bertaux, Carmel Mary Coonan, María Jesús Frigols-Martín, Peeter Mehisto  

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Isabel Pérez (CLIL)

Approaches and methods in language teaching

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